Hotel Chain

Industry: Tourism
Country: México  


We ranked in the top 10 of the search engine with the keyword “Hotels in Mexico"; we achieved a 20.99% increase in our organic traffic. On Instagram, we achieved constant organic growth, increasing the number of followers and engagement.


Position the hotel chain as one of Mexico's leading hotel chains.


Limitations in the creation of new content
Difficulty in managing on-site optimizations on the customer's website
Limited budget for investment in advertising and SEM work
Limitations in the implementation of a campaign/boost to increase the visibility of the networks
Limitations in quality stock, specific to the brand (experience, spaces and amenities)


Based on the problem, we decided to:

Implement an interlinking strategy to improve the positioning of certain pages of the site
Create content with topics related to the tourism and hotel niche, as well as by region (where the chain's hotels are located within Mexico)
Launch and implement an organic strategy on Instagram, where we were able to see that the brand's specific audience is found
Create content with human meaning (photos and videos of collaborators and spaces) that connect with the interests of the audience
Implement a booking request form that was integrated through a link within the biography, as well as more visible contact buttons (calls and messages), which has improved the user experience
Create reels developed between collaborators and the agency, which have led us to a better engagement, since it generates identification with the brand.


We maintain a steady increase in organic traffic, as well as in the number of new users
We have relevant keywords for the niche, which thanks to their great performance, are in positions 0 and 1
We ranked in the top 10 of the search engine with the keyword "Hotels in Mexico"
We achieved steady organic growth on Instagram (from August 2021 to August 2022, we grew from 9792 to 11,119 followers
Month after month, we managed to maintain a positive engagement with our content on Instagram. We were able to connect in a completely organic way with the segment.
The number of leads received has also been increasing, compared to 2021