Office Furniture

Industry: Ecommerce and Retail
Country: Mexico
Year: 2020


We managed to position the brand as the best furniture solution for the office and home office.


To position the brand in the Latin American home and office furniture market as an opinion leader in the segment.


High competition in the office furniture market
To take over the home office business segment
To be an opinion leader in the furniture market
To create valuable content for the adaptation of personal spaces in the home office


To develop a communication strategy to create a brand identity that promotes collaborative work, creative development and comfort, with the objective of conveying brand values
To create an environment of good design and good taste that accompanies a visual, explanatory and storytelling experience that invites you to discover the potential of each tool
To boost digital channels to generate conversions by demonstrating functionality and personal performance, connecting with the emotions of our segment


We had a penetration of more than 30% of the furniture market in LATAM
We created a B2B communication strategy that allowed the creation of specialized spaces for international clients who actively participate with offices in LATAM
We took over the Home Office category, generating a communication environment that provides ideas, innovation, well-being and value to our users
We positioned ourselves as a thought leader on topics such as the future of work, design and architecture for today's world, corporate culture and the workplace
We had an increase in brand awareness, achieving an increase in the community of more than 20%.