Private University

Industry: Education
Country: Mexico 


More than 42,000 leads (applicants), with a 7.2% conversion rate, viable CPL and CAC.


A university group, owner of multiple private university brands, asked us for a 360 strategy for lead generation through digital channels.


The university group has 8 distinct brands, each with different targets and offerings.


In view of the problem presented, we decided to:

Develop a communication and media strategy for each of the brands, taking a different approach to each one, but always looking for audiences without overlapping in order not to increase bidding costs by competing among ourselves
Optimize paid campaigns, in order to lower the CPL and increase the rating of prospects
Complement the strategy with SEO for each of your websites, each site with a different keyword in order to avoid cannibalization


We achieved more than 42,000 leads (applicants), with a 7.2% conversion rate, CPL and CAC viable.