Dermatological products ecommerce

Industry: Ecommerce and Retail
Country: Mexico
Year: 2022


Increased total sales by 208% and managed to bring qualified traffic to the website, reducing the bounce rate by 84%.


Competition in the personal care industry has grown abysmally: new companies, influencers with their own brands, etc. The client sought to position itself as a leader in the area.


In view of the problem, we faced the following challenges:

Having two accounts of the same brand on different platforms, as if they were completely unrelated
A poorly functional website with many areas of opportunity
Buyer people without correct and complete definition
Multiple internal business visions, generating multiple objectives with the same budget


In order to attract potential users and convert them into customers, we decided to:

Generate different digital strategies that include working with influencers, paid campaigns in Google Ads and Facebook Ads and a communication line focused on maximizing the benefits of the products and commercial competitiveness


Total sales increased 208%, from $80,000 to $500,000 per month
We were able to drive qualified traffic to the website, lowering the bounce rate by 84%