Social Ads

There are literally billions of people using social networks like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram and Twitch.

Among so many, surely your target market can be found, but at what cost?! This is why it’s so important to identify the right social network, and the right segments, to reach out to your audience cost-effectively.

We are experts at Social Media Advertising!

Nowadays, being online is not enough. Algorithms are increasingly complex, privacy is more zealously guarded and thus, you need professionals handling your advertising on social networks.

At SUBE we have the right team to deliver ads with the correct tone, message, segmentation, placement and design. But most of all, our team will make the right choice of what social network actually works for your brand, product or service to reach your potential customers. Let’s work together to develop effective, appropriate and successful ad campaigns on social networks!

Great tactics like Social Selling are much more effective when experts make them work for a brand, product or service.

The online world changes moment to moment… one day it’s Instagram and the next it’s TikTok!

In order to capture more eyeballs on the right social media channels, your business needs to have:

  1. Brand presence
  2. Conversions
  3. Direct contact with potential customers
  4. Ad spend control
  5. Strategy performance analysis
  6. Engagement
  7. Social listening
  8. Good strategic planning
  9. Concrete results

Everything you need to succeed you can get with the experts at SUBE!

Social paid media

Having the right tools to develop and run a properly optimized campaign will allow you visibility of your investment and tracking of real-time results


Every social network has their own audience. Each has their own approach and tools that allow you to properly segment and reach your target


Design for images and video is one of the fundamental components of a campaign, making your message more appealing and easier to consume

A/B testing

We try different versions of ads to identify the best performers, improving results and reducing ad spend

Performance review and improvement

We constantly evaluate the KPIs produced by each campaign, harnessing learnings to produce a better result

Take your company to another level!

Are you ready to grow your brand with social network advertising?

We are ready to help you attain what you have dreamed for your business, in the digital realm.

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